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JUly 21 2014
There will be another poem of mine- THE BEAR – up soon on this poetry site.
I hope those who get to read it,enjoy it…. although this one – unlike BLUE CHEESE AND HONEY is rather more melancholy…. Jill

Australian Children's Poetry

Blue Cheese and Honey

There lived a horse who liked blue cheese

Served on a plate upon his knees

And every day the meal he ate

was cheese he ‘d placed upon his plate.

While out one day he found some honey

and poured it all – so sweet and runny-

upon the cheese upon the plate

set on his knees and so he ate

But the honey he had taken

Could have been a BIG mistake!

Bees flying in a frenzied state

Made a beeline for his plate

The horse ran off and left the honey –

upon the cheese – all sweet and runny

Thousands landed on his cheese

consuming honey as they pleased

Till gorging on and sated soon

they droned off in the afternoon

The horse returned and placed the plate

upon his knees and he was pleased

to realise-at least the bees

had left his…

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